Creating and capturing memories at funeral and memorial services

Adding personal touches to a funeral or memorial service

Live music

In terms of creating a ceremony that fully conveys the passions of the one who has died, incorporating a live music performance into the funeral or memorial service for a music lover can be particularly moving. 

The Big Gospel Choir cater for funeral and memorial services, including graveside ceremonies. They provide soloists / groups of 3-8 singers and organ / piano / acoustic guitar accompanists.  

 The St Albans Celebration Choir draws its members from the St Albans Bach Choir and is available to hire for funerals at venues within St Albans and the surrounding area. 

Music Students for Hire provide live music including soloists, pianists, string quartets, harpists, jazz and swing, choir and vocal groups.  Their musicians are graduates and undergraduates from some of the top music colleges and universities around the country.  Their mission is to provide live music at competitive prices whilst simultaneously creating professional opportunities for musicians at the early stages of their careers.

Dove releases

Some people like the idea of having something visual to symbolise the spirit's release from the body.  In the past,  people turned to balloons and sky lanterns, but nowadays many are looking for a safer and more environmentally-friendly alternative.  Throughout the ages, the image of the dove has been associated with love, peace and freedom, so a dove release can be a perfect choice.  It can also work particularly well if there are children in attendance because children can be actively involved in the releasing process.  Please see Up and Flying Dove Releases or Lambert's White Dove Release for further information about local dove releasing companies.


We consider it par for the course to employ a professional photographer at weddings, but most of us are less accustomed to the idea of having a funeral photographer.  However, given funerals tend to occur at emotionally charged times, many people find the day passes in a bit of a blur and afterwards have difficulty remembering all the details.  A discrete photographer can capture and commemorate the service, allowing you to reflect and draw comfort from the images when you feel ready to do so.  Tori Deslauriers is based in St Albans but travels widely for assignments. Please see her website for further details.