Health and Safety Policy

Tapestry Funerals Health and Safety Policy - reviewed November 2023.

Purpose of policy

·      Clare Oldfield, of Tapestry Funerals, takes health and safety issues seriously and is committed to protecting the health and safety of all those affected by her business activities.

·      Clare Oldfield will review this policy at regular intervals to ensure that it is achieving its aims effectively.

Responsibilities of Clare Oldfield

·      Clare Oldfield is responsible for:

a.   taking reasonable steps to safeguard the health and safety of people affected by her business activities;

b.   identifying health and safety risks and finding ways to manage or overcome them;

c.   adhering to the entry and exit arrangements of any venue used for a funeral service including during an emergency situation;

d.  if an epidemic or pandemic alert is issued, providing instructions, arrangements and advice to clients as to the steps to be taken to minimize the risk of infection.

Responsibilities of clients

·      All clients must:

a.   keep health and safety issues in the front of their minds and take personal responsibility for the health and safety implications of their own acts and omissions;

b.  take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions;

c.   co-operate with Clare Oldfield to enable compliance with health and safety duties and requirements;

d.  comply with any health and safety instructions and rules of the funeral venue, including instructions on the safe use of equipment;

e.   report all health and safety concerns to Clare Oldfield, including any potential risk, hazard or malfunction of equipment;

f.   co-operate with investigations into any incident or accident which either has led to injury or which could have led to injury.


Client responsibilities relating to accidents and first aid

·      All clients must:

a.   promptly report any accident involving personal injury to Clare Oldfield and cooperate in any associated investigation;

b.   familiarize themselves with the details of first aid facilities at the funeral venue.

 Client responsibilities relating to emergency evacuation and fire

·      All clients must:

a.   familiarize themselves with the instructions about what to do if there is a fire;

b.   ensure they are aware of the location of fire extinguishers, fire exits and alternative ways of leaving the funeral venue in an emergency;

c.   comply with instructions if there is a fire, suspected fire or fire alarm;

d.  ensure that fire exits or fire notices or emergency exit signs are not obstructed or hidden at any time;

·      On discovering a fire, all clients must:

a.   immediately trigger the nearest fire alarm and, if time permits, call and notify the location of the fire;

b. attempt to tackle the fire ONLY if they have been trained or otherwise feel competent to do so.

·      On hearing the fire alarm, all clients must:

a.   remain calm and immediately evacuate the building, walking quickly without running, following any instructions;

b.   leave without stopping to collect personal belongings;

c.   remain out of the building until notified that it is safe to re-enter.


Client responsibilities relating to equipment (applicable where the family has chosen to hold the service in an alternative venue to a crematorium or cemetery)

·      All clients must:

a.   use equipment as directed by any instructions given by the venue or contained in any written operating manual or instructions for use and any relevant training;

b.   report any fault with, damage to, or concern about, any equipment (including health and safety equipment) or its use to Clare Oldfield; 

c.   ensure that health and safety equipment is not interfered with;

d.  not attempt to repair equipment unless suitably trained and authorized.