Blog - creating personal funeral and memorial services 

Crafting occasions that are fitting tributes to individual lives

Photo of coffin with personal messages written on luggage labels laid on it, with kind permission from the GFG.

Creating a personalised funeral ceremony

What would you like your funeral to be like?  Are you the 'I don't really care - I won't be there' type,  or more of a 'I hadn't really thought about it but now that you mention it...' sort of person?  If you are of the latter mindset, do you know what your options are?  Subject to religious and cultural considerations, you may have more choices than you thought in terms of rituals, readings and music and your beliefs and values can be woven through each element of the funeral ceremony - like a tapestry. Read more...

Photo of Aylesbury Vale Natural Burial Meadow, Leedam Natural Burials, taken in the summer.

Alternative resting places - meadow burial grounds for burials / interment of ashes

If the person who has died had a love for nature and the rugged outdoors, you might feel the manicured grounds of a traditional cemetery or crematorium garden are not quite the right fit in terms of a final resting place. Many people assume the alternative is to scatter ashes from a hilltop or cliff, but then there isn’t a resting place for those left behind to visit.  Meadow burial sites facilitate both the sense of returning the person to nature, whilst providing a sense of  there being a resting place and somewhere for those left behind to return to should they wish to do so. Read more...

Photo of Greenacres Cemetery and Ceremonial Park, Epping Forest

Alternative resting places - woodland burial grounds for burials / interment of ashes

Woodland burial sites seek to operate in harmony with the environment and to offer those left behind a beautiful and peaceful place to visit to remember their loved ones. Read more...