Meadow burial grounds

What is a meadow burial ground and why might you choose one as a final resting place?

If your loved one had a passion for nature and the rugged outdoors, you might feel the grounds of a traditional cemetery or crematorium garden of remembrance are not quite the right fit for them as a final resting place.  Many people assume the alternative is to scatter ashes from a hilltop or cliff, but then there isn’t a resting place for those left behind to return to.  

Meadow burial sites facilitate both the sense of returning the person to nature, and a sense of having a resting place and somewhere for family and friends to visit. If your loved one was environmentally conscious, the fact that meadow burial sites are managed to protect and conserve natural ecosystems might chime with their core values. 

At present, the two closest meadow burial grounds to St Albans are the  Cosgrove Green Burial Meadow near Milton Keynes, and the Aylesbury Vale Natural Burial Meadow near Aylesbury,  The latter is part of Leedam Natural Burials, a group of natural burial sites spanning England, Wales and Scotland. 

Further afield, some burial meadows have beautiful inside spaces which can be used for the service should the weather be inclement, such as Old Park Meadow Natural Burial Ground in Essex. Down in Devon, the following photos were taken at Sharpham Meadow Natural Burial Ground which has fantastic views over the River Dart, its estuary and the sea in the distance. I think I would like to end up here - it is absolutely stunning!

Photo of willow arch entrance to Sharpham Meadow Natural Burial Ground, Devon.
Photo of fire pit at Sharpham Meadow Natural Burial Ground, Devon
Photo of view from Sharpham Meadow Natural Burial Ground, Devon.

If the idea of a  meadow burial ground interests you, be aware that the body should not be embalmed, coffins / urns should be biodegradable and, regarding cremated remains, many meadow burial sites prefer the ashes to be interred rather than scattered as scattered ashes can alter the pH of the soil and impact upon fragile ecosystems.