Tapestry Funerals 

Personalised funeral and memorial services held in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hillingdon

Picture of Clare Oldfield, Independent Funeral Celebrant

Why choose an independent funeral celebrant?

Nowadays, many people consider themselves unaffiliated to one particular religion and identify as being atheist, agnostic, spiritual or multifaith in their beliefs.  A funeral celebrant helps a family create a personalised ceremony, framing rituals of their choice, to help them say goodbye.  A ceremony led by an independent funeral celebrant is similar to one led by a humanist celebrant in so far as it focuses on the life and legacy of the person who has died. However, because independent celebrants are not representatives of a doctrine, the ceremonies they lead can either be secular or include prayers, religious readings and hymns depending on the wishes of the person who has died or those of their family and loved ones. 

Image of Tapestry Funerals logo - a woven dragonfly created by Lucy Sugden.

Image: woven tapestry by Lucy Sugden www.LucySugden.co.uk

Why choose Tapestry Funerals?

I will help you create a bespoke, personalised funeral or memorial service where each memory, reading and piece of music is carefully selected to reflect and honour the life of the person who has died.  Together, we can weave their history and personality through each element of the ceremony - like a tapestry!  I believe funeral and memorial services should not be endurance tests; my aim is to make them as comforting and supportive for those left behind as possible. 


Thank you Clare. The day went as well as we could hope for for such a sombre occasion, and a large part of that is thanks to the absolutely amazing job you did in both guiding us beforehand, and hosting the ceremony on the day. 

It was a beautiful send off.  Everyone said it was the most the most uplifting and enjoyable funeral they had been to. Thank you so much for your support. 

Many, many thanks for walking this difficult road with us. Your support is, and has been, invaluable.'

Thank you so much Clare, it was lovely to hear so much of the speech reflected our Mumma.

Your help was invaluable and was, I am sure, the key ingredient to making the day such a happy one with lots of stories and recollections.